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Welcome readers…what is W.I.T all about?


Who: Our team is made up of four passionate, young ladies, with different international backgrounds who are committed to the issues of women and girls’ education, gender equality and development. We are grateful for this opportunity to speak freely and candidly about gender issues in the media.To learn more about us, the authors, go to the About Us page.

Why: We are writing this blog for an assignment in a graduate level class about education in developing countries. We are concerned with the inequities women and girls face around the world, particularly their portrayal in the media, which is often biased, discriminatory and sexist. We believe this portrayal helps perpetuate discrimination against women.

What: We explore different stories, from both mainstream and alternative news sources, concerning women and girls’ education. We seek to combine a wide-angle view of the most pressing issues on different geographic regions of the world. For this, we incorporate different perspectives and schools of thought in our analysis. We hope that will engage you, dear reader, and challenge preconceived notions of gender in the international arena. We encourage you to leave comments and questions after reading our posts. All opinions are welcome and respected.     

You can browse for our posts using our CATEGORY tab, which is divided by continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. On our tag cloud you can find the specific countries we talk about on our posts and other pertinent terms.




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