About Us


Dani Bicknell (danibicknell)

Danielle (aka Dani) grew up in San Francisco, California but considers herself a global citizen. She volunteered abroad in Ghana in high school, which sparked her interest in international Development. She completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations and Political Science at The University of British Columbia, in Canada and specialized in Latin American politics. She is passionate about women’s rights and creating opportunity for women and children in developing countries. She has a background in community development, financial education, ESL and creating educational projects and business opportunities for women. She has worked in South America and believes in first creating local change before scaling that change abroad. She is a lover of languages and cultures and is always looking for a new adventure.




Irene Greaves (iregreaves


Irene is a feminist and passionate about creating equal opportunities through education in the world. Lover of travel, culture, language and the arts, Irene is from Venezuela but considers her home our planet. Irene’s diverse and international experience living in different continents during the last nine years have given her an ample view of the problems that plague the developing world in different contexts. She is getting a Master’s degree in International Educational Development and hopes to continue her life vocation of helping others and planting seeds of love wherever she goes.



SunyoungSunyoung Kim (celinesunyoung


Formerly a resident in the field of math and science, Sunyoung learned about the “healthy ways of living” by majoring in biotechnology during college. However, meaningful interaction and experiences with the youth has led her to shift the direction of her education to learning more about the quality of adolescents’ lives. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Development, Sunyoung strives toward making a better society with her counselor husband.

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